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Sheffield / T&T Clark Bible Guides Collection (44 vols.)
This highly esteemed Bible study guide series is an invaluable resource for students, preachers and Bible study leaders. Each of these books delivers a thorough and insightful introduction to a particular book of the Bible or the Apocrypha. All the books in the series were written by leading biblical scholars and the authors have drawn on their scholarly expertise as well as their experience as professors.
Bible Lessons International Collection (17 vols.)
Need some inspiration for preparing your next Bible study, Sunday school lesson or sermon? Or are you ready to take the next step in your personal Bible study and need some expert guidance? Check out these seventeen volumes of commentary and Bible survey from a master teacher who prepares Bible background materials for the Southern Baptist Convention Sunday School series.
Gary Staats Bible Study Collection (11 vols.)
This 11-volume collection presents a wealth of biblical study from Gary Staats. Tackling topics ranging from the misinterpretation of the Word to the search for scriptural agreement on adultery and divorce, Staats seeks to highlight Christ’s presence throughout the Old and New Testaments. His teaching and studies bring to light his strong exegesis and expository commentary, elucidating the texts clearly and compellingly.